YouTuber tested 120 FPS mode in Halo Infinite on Xbox Series S with less than 90 frames per second and 540p resolution.


Halo Infinite Xbox Series S introduces 120 FPS graphics mode with the second season. Players have been requesting this since the game’s release, but the end result appears to be disappointing.

Youtuber VGTech put the mode to the test and came up with some disappointing results.

On the Xbox Series S, the shooter renders a dynamic 1920×1080 image using temporary reconstruction, but the maximum native resolution is fixed at around 1536×1080. In heavy scenes, the smallest value is 960×540.

On average, the picture is much lower than 720p. When it comes to open spaces in a campaign, the final image is frequently 960×540. The frame rate is also consistent, falling below 90 frames per second. The coveted 120 frames per second can already be seen indoors.

The situаtion is much better in multiplаyer, but the soаpy picture still exists. The 120 FPS mode wаs most likely creаted with the expectаtion of online plаy аnd VRR-enаbled displаys in mind.


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