With the eighth episode of Halo, the TV show breaks a final taboo for the Master Chief.


With the eighth episode of the first season, the Halo TV series broke one last taboo concerning the character of Master Chief. The following contains show spoilers.

Master Chief had sex in the eighth episode of the television series after taking off his helmet numerous times, confirming the vast differences between this portrayal of the character and the one that fans have come to know over the years.

The issue is clearly not that the franchise’s protagonist had a carnal relationship, but rather the implications that this gesture appears to have for the plot, given that the meeting was consummated with a possible spy and, uh, in front of Cortana’s gaze.

The impression is that the show’s writers have made the Master Chief human, but in the wrong way. Indeed, if the character’s imperative has always been to save as many lives as possible, this trait may be revalued with this sentimental parenthesis.

It’s no surprise, then, thаt severаl internаtionаl newspаpers hаve openly criticized the series’ turning point, which hаs yet to shine. Given the significаnt investment, Microsoft mаy hаve been аble to demаnd something different from the showrunners.


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