With “No Way Home,” the chasm widened.


But the last “Batman” is still far behind.

But the last “Batman” is still far behind.

By the start of the weekend, Doctor Strange 2 had grossed $121.7 million as the gap with No Way Home widened

By the weekend, Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness had grossed $121.7 million. The film grossed $36 million in the United States and $85.7 million worldwide.

Doctor Strange 2 is 12% behind Spider-Man: No Way Home in the same time period, according to Deadline’s calculations. The gap is gradually widening: the film was initially only 4% behind schedule.

At the same time, the gap between the sequel and the first Doctor Strange has widened: in the same time period, the sequel has earned 172% more than the original film. “Batman” by Matt Reeves leads “Doctor Strange 2” by 197%.

Only in the United States, “Doctor Strange 2” is expected to gross $ 180-200 million in its first weekend. Most likely, the eighth best launch ever and the best Disney launch since Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will take place in the local market. “Awakening.”

Doctor Strаnge 2 hаs yet to be releаsed in Chinа, where Mаrvel films hаve historicаlly performed well. In аddition, the film wаs not releаsed in Russiа becаuse Disney hаd hаlted production there.

It is interesting

Microsoft Excel will be integrаted into EVE Online.


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