When all third-party content is removed from the Elden Ring player, the world becomes much smaller.


Elden Ring is From Software’s first large-scale open-world game, and it stars George R. R. Martin. R. R. Martin is assisting in the creation of the lore. Elden Ring was the team’s fastest-selling game, selling 13.4 million copies in its first month, thanks to the studio’s overall fame, new scale, and aggressive marketing.

Hundreds of hours can be spent in Elden Ring if desired. Perhaps a few minutes. If you choose the speedrunner’s path. But what about a straightforward path that eliminates all third-party content as a source of distraction? It was discovered that if you only look at the main arch, the total area is much smaller. This is, however, typical of open world games.

Redditor Spicy_Slice created a simple map to show that the path is not difficult if you only consider the plot:

However, if you wаnt to get the most out of the gаme, you should not miss out on Intereаrth’s fаntаstic world. Even if you don’t hаve 150 hours to spаre, Elden Ring is the type of gаme thаt is enjoyаble to complete over weeks or months.


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