What’s new in 22W18A snapshot


And Allai can now be properly put on a leash.

And Allai can now be properly put on a leash.

Ancient cities and Guardians fixed in Minecraft: what's new in snapshot 22W18A

For the Java version of Minecraft, technical snapshot 22W18A was released. Developers are working to fix bugs from previous updates; many of the issues are related to the new mobs Allai and the Guardian.

The snapshot also removed the placefeature command from the game (don’t worry, there’s a replacement), fixed the Dark Depths generation, and expanded the cryptography support that was introduced in the previous snapshot.

Finally, modders and server owners have a greater degree of control over their projects.

The game now runs on Java version 17.0.3, as of this snapshot.

Major changes to snapshot 22W18A

This bug looked pretty picturesque

The luminous horns had guessed that there would be such a reaction.

Open the Minecraft launcher settings and enable snapshot installation to install a test version.

It is interesting

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