Valery_himera’s A2 cosplay from Nier: Automata is spectacular.


Nier: Automata is an inexhaustible source of reinterpretations by cosplayers, as shown by A2 cosplay from Valery_himer, in addition to becoming a huge videogame success.

The “secret” to Nier: Automata’s cosplay success is a colorful cast of charismatic and fascinating characters, particularly when it comes to the fighting girls / gynoids.

These, like the A2, have a very appealing design. They’re frequently used in cosplay to show off a lot of the model, but in some cases, like this one by Valery_himera, they’re simply amazing reconstructions of the original costumes and characters.

She was a stunning model who perfectly matched the character’s costume and overall appearance, including his signature silver hair. All of this contributes to the striking resemblance to the original, emulating YoRHa Type A No.2, also known as A2,’s signature icy beauty.


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