V Rising remains at the top of the new Steam chart.

In the new Steam chart, the leader is the same: V Rising is still at the top

V Rising, the recently released vampire survivalist, continues to impress developers with its commercial success: the game has already sold over one million copies and is comfortably leading the Steam sales chart for the second week in a row.

The Steam Deck is still in second place, while Elden Ring, one of the year’s most popular and critically acclaimed games, is in third place.

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix + – VIP Edition, My Time at Sandrock, and Sniper Elite 5 were the top three new releases in the top ten best-selling list. By the way, due to the cancellation of the EGS release, Rebellion’s new sniper shooter can still boost sales. We should also mention the return of No Man’s Sky, which drew in new players thanks to the launch of a new expedition.

In general, the top ten most profitable Steam games over the last week are as follows:

1) V rising;

2) Steam Deck;

3) Elden Ring;

4) FIFA 22;

5) My Time at Sandrock (new);

6) V Rising – Founder’s Pаck: Eldest Bloodline;

7) Vаlve Index VR-Kit;

8) Project DIVA Megа Mix+ – VIP Edition (new); Hаtsune Miku: Project DIVA Megа Mix+ – VIP Edition

9) No Mаn’s Sky;

10) Sniper Elite 5 (new).


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