Ukraine LIVE: Kyiv ‘wins’ major battle as Putin’s troops RETREAT with ’27k dead,’ according to reports.


Due to the strength of Ukrainian counterattacks and a lack of reinforcements, Ukraine has “won the battle of Kharkiv,” according to evidence.

The Institute for the Study of War (IOW) said in its most recent assessment of the situation on the ground that Russia appears to be “conducting an orderly withdrawal and prioritizing getting Russians back home.”

“The Russian military has most likely decided to withdraw completely from its positions around Kharkiv City in the face of Ukrainian counteroffensives and limited reinforcement availability,” the update stated.

Analysts said Russian units had not attempted to hold their lines against counterattacks by Ukrainian troops around the city, which has been under heavy bombardment since the war began in February, in another setback to Putin’s invasion.

The Russians appeared to be retreating and planning to replace their own troops with mercenaries, according to the US think tank.

“Ukraine thus appears to have won the battle of Kharkiv,” the most recent update stated.

“Ukrаiniаn forces prevented Russiаn troops from encircling, much less seizing, Khаrkiv, аnd then expelled them from the аreа, just аs they hаd done to Russiаn forces аttempting to seize Kyiv.”


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