Ubisoft may be taken over entirely by the Guillemot family.


The shares of the French company rose immediately.

The shares of the French company rose immediately.

Media: the Guillemot family can take full control of Ubisoft

Bloomberg sources said at the end of April that a number of investment firms were looking into buying Ubisoft. It was assumed that the company’s founders, the Guillemot family, would be willing to sell it; however, this may not be the case.

According to Seeking Alpha, citing the Dealreporter report, the Guillemot family is unlikely to sell Ubisoft and will fight any takeover attempts.

The Guillemot family, according to Dealreporter’s sources, wants to maintain control of Ubisoft. Members of the family could work with a private equity firm to accomplish this.

Guillemot and his partners will buy shares in Ubisoft from other shareholders to maintain control. It’s unclear whether the partners plan to turn Ubisoft into a private company or simply want to control more than 50% of the voting stock.

Deаlreporter’s informаtion аbout the buybаck of аt leаst а portion of Ubisoft’s stock wаs well received by the mаrket. In just а few hours, the compаny’s cаpitаlizаtion hаs increаsed by neаrly 10%.

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