Train crashes in Barcelona, killing the driver and injuring 83 others.


In Catalonia, Spain, a freight train derailed as it approached Sant Boi station.

The driver has died, according to the Catalan Medical Emergency Services.

Meanwhile, two people are said to be seriously injured and have been taken to Moisès Broggi Hospital in the area.

85 were injured in the disaster in total.

Doctors and two helicopters are among the first responders on the scene.

Those affected are being evacuated by ten fire department crews.

The Ferrocarrils de la Generalitatis are looking into the accident’s cause.

The freight train was reportedly carrying potash, a term for potassium-containing minerals.

It derailed at Sant Boi station’s entrance, colliding with the cabin of a passing train departing at the same time.

In response, the Catalan Railway Emergency Plan (Ferrocat) has been activated.

Police are setting up an alternative route, according to the Catalan Directorate General of Civil Protection.

Between Cornellà and Colnia Güell, an alternative road service is provided.

On the Llobregаt-Anoiа line, а service runs between Pl. Between Spаin аnd Cornellà, аs well аs Colniа Güell, Iguаlаdа, аnd Mаnresа.


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