Tom Henderson: In 2024, a new Battlefield will be released.


According to insider and journalist Tom Henderson, who cited his own sources, the new Battlefield will not be released in 2023, as he had previously predicted and EA CEO Andrew Wilson hinted at, but rather in 2024.

The news follows Electronic Arts’ financial report, in which Wilson called Battlefield the publisher’s most important franchise, but now sees it as “long term.”

According to Henderson, EA has no other choice because the next part is still in prototyping, and DICE and Ripple Effect, under Vince Zampella’s supervision, are actively cleaning up Battlefield 2042, which will receive the first season, map processing, and specialists in mid-late June.

Furthermore, according to Henderson’s sources, BF 2042 on all platforms is currently not even approaching the 10,000 simultaneous player mark. Players are waiting for new content, not fixes and basic features like voice chat, as evidenced by the recent patch 4.0, which increased the numbers slightly but not significantly.


Oliver Barker

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