To commemorate the event, Google has released Google I/O 2022, a free browser-based pinball machine.


To commemorate the start of Google I/O 2022, the company’s annual developer conference, Google has released a free online pinball game. It’s called I / O Pinball, and it’s clearly Google-themed, as well as built with proprietary technologies.

The free Google I / O 2022 pinball machine

Many people will appreciate the presence of numerous references to Mountain View’s products, such as the mascots Dino (Chrome), Bugdroid (Android), and Dash (Flutter) that can be selected as avatars, as well as the company logo in the center of the table and numerous other small pleasant details to discover.

The game is entirely 2D, despite the fact that it appears to be 3D. It was created with the FlutterOpen-source SDK for cross-platform applications and uses Firebase to keep scores online.

Some hаve noticed а remаke of the Spаce Cаdet pinbаll mаchine pre-instаlled on older versions of Windows, rаnging from NT to XP, with which it shаres some structurаl elements (though not too mаny).

Google I / O Pinbаll


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