To avoid a hostile takeover, Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, and his family may buy stock.


Yves Guillemot and his family appear to be planning to buy more Ubisoft shares in order to avoid a hostile takeover.

New rumors about Ubisoft’s possible acquisition have surfaced recently, and it appears that these rumors are true, based on the reaction of the French company’s CEO, who is preparing to maintain control and continue the current management.

The Guillemot family currently owns 15.9% of Ubisoft shares and 22.3% of voting shares, both of which are small percentages if a takeover is truly imminent.

As a result, the CEO and his relatives plan to seek out a private investment firm that can help them fund the operation by purchasing a sufficient number of shares to ensure that they have a majority stake.

Meanwhile, speculation about Ubisoft + coming to Xbox Game Pass has grown to the point where the company has had to clarify the situation, denying the rumor.


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