Three babies were discovered dead in a cellar in Paris, prompting police to investigate.


According to prosecutors from the Nanterre office, the bodies were discovered on Tuesday in Ville d’Avre, in the western suburbs of Paris, by a heritage management worker who had gone to vacate the vacant property.

The cause of the children’s deaths is currently under investigation.

The medical examiner from the Garches forensic institute will determine whether they are foetuses or infants, as well as how long they have been in the basement covered containers.

The first elements of the investigation, according to a court source, show that the house’s previous owner was a gynecologist who died in 2015.

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Despite living in the neighborhood for more than 25 years, another witness told Le Parisien that they had never seen the house’s occupant.

The worker who discovered the babies, who is said to have lost a baby herself in 1993, is said to be in shock and required assistance from the firefighters who arrived on the scene.


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