Thousands of speeding Britons could face fines under a new post-Brexit law.


As summer approaches, tens of thousands of Britons are expected to flock to the continent, with Spain remaining a popular tourist destination. According to reports, the Spanish government is now demanding that Britain hand over access to its vehicle owner database.

This would allow it to pursue speeding ticket violators even after they have left the country.

In this situation, a British citizen could return home to find fines in their letterbox.

According to the Telegraph, both Spanish and British officials have stated that the two countries are working toward an agreement that would allow long-term British residents to legally drive in Spain.

They’d have to exchange their British driver’s license for a Spanish one.

“We never wanted to upset British residents,” Mara José Aparicio of Spain’s DGT driver and vehicle licensing authority told the newspaper.

“The plan is that once they’ve been able to apply for the swap, hopefully in a few weeks,” she explained, “they’ll be able to resume driving while the application is being processed.”

While progress аppeаrs to be being mаde on this front, Spаnish officiаls complаin thаt the British government is moving too slowly when it comes to exchаnging driver dаtаbаses.

Ms Apаrаcio clаimed thаt the UK is “drаgging its feet.”

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