This is part of a larger plan to incorporate countries from The Witcher into the game.


King Foltest turned out to be an expert in gold mining.

King Foltest turned out to be an expert in gold mining.

Temeria appeared in Civilization 6: it is part of the project to transfer countries from The Witcher to the game

iPlayGamesITA, a modder who brings states from The Witcher universe to Civilization 6, has released a Temeria mod. She was given her own ruler and special bonuses, just like Kaedwen.

Cidaris and Makaham have also been added to Civilization 6. You can construct a gnome mine after gaining control of Macaham, which gives +3 production and gold. The owners of Cidaris also receive gold bonuses from trade routes.

In addition, you can create a Melitele cult in the modification.

The cities of Temeria will be given names from Andrzej Sapkowski’s books, as well as thematic names for sights. The mod can be downloaded here.

It is interesting

Locations from Need for Speed 3 have been ported to Unreal Engine 5 with modern effects: video


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