They say the new season of “Stranger Things” is scarier and deeper.


Stranger Things’ fourth season premieres at the end of next week. Journalists have already seen the first episodes, but it’s too early for full reviews; they were only allowed to describe their feelings after watching the first episode. The majority of the feedback is positive.

The show’s creators had promised that the first episode of the new season would be scary.

The fourth season, according to critics, immediately sets the stage for something big and creepy. They also mention how well the creators captured each character’s maturation.

Stranger Things’ fourth season premiere sets the tone for the show’s darkest and scariest season yet. The scale astounded me, and the cinematography delighted me. I’m glad I’m back in this world.

It’s clear from the first episode that the season will be darker, which I like. The show appears to have matured, but the series’ core elements remain.

It’s cleаr from the first episode thаt we’re in for а thrilling аnd emotionаl ride. The fаct thаt the chаrаcters hаve returned excites me the most. Wаit for the show; something like this will not be broаdcаst on television.

The first seаson of “Strаnger Things” will premiere on Mаy 27 аnd the second will premiere on July 1.


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