There has been a release of a Heardle clone based on the Resident Evil games.


Heardly is a popular spin-off of Wordly in which you must guess the music rather than the words. The concept was so popular that it spawned a slew of sequels. Already, a video game clone of the puzzle has been released, and now Resident Evil fans have released a game in which players must guess the music from the zombie and virus horror series.

It is obviously much more difficult than the standard Heardly pro video game. You’ll need to know not only the game’s name, but also the name of the game in order to guess. A true Resident Evil fan must pass this test.

Resident Evil Heardle

If you lose, which is common here, the inscription You are Dead will appear. Every day, the game is updated, but there are no clues, leaving you to rely on your memory of all the Resident Evil games.

You can try your hand at this Heardly at the link.


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