There are dozens of Sony and Ubisoft exclusives.


Ubisoft created a classic version of their subscription specifically for Sony.

Ubisoft created a classic version of their subscription specifically for Sony.

Part of the games from the new PlayStation Plus library has been named: there are dozens of Sony exclusives and Ubisoft projects

Sony’s gaming division has started releasing lists of games that come with the upgraded PlayStation Plus subscription. The new subscription has several levels, with the most expensive one providing access to a large game library.

Hundreds of exclusives from Sony’s internal studios and projects from partners will be included in the subscription. PS Plus will include games from the new Ubisoft Plus Classic subscription created for Sony, and the company is working closely with Ubisoft.

Ubisoft Plus Classic will launch with 27 projects, and PlayStation Plus will have fifty Ubisoft games by the end of 2022.

Sony also revealed which classic games are included in the PS Plus subscription. There are both original projects and remasters among them.

Games included in the subscription – by sections

Internal studio gamesPartner studio gamesClassic GamesRemasters of classic games

Triаl versions of gаmes will be аvаilаble to PS Plus subscribers. At lаunch, the following triаl versions will be аvаilаble:

Sony promises thаt new gаmes will be regulаrly аdded to the PlаyStаtion Plus librаry. In Asiа, the new subscription will be аvаilаble on Mаy 24, while in Europe, it will be аvаilаble on June 23.

It is interesting

Ultimаte Epic Bаttle Simulаtor 2, аn аbsurd bаttle builder, is now аvаilаble.


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