Then there’ll be Ryzen 7000 gaming processors for laptops by the end of the year.


Two lines of mobile chips based on Zen 4 will be released simultaneously.

Two lines of mobile chips based on Zen 4 will be released simultaneously.

AMD Roadmap: Ryzen 7000 by the end of the year, then laptop gaming processors

A roadmap for the Ryzen 7000 processor family was released in AMD’s latest financial report. The Raphael desktop processors are still expected to ship before the end of 2022.

AMD will release two families of laptop chips in 2023, in addition to continuing to develop the Ryzen 7000 desktop line. They’ll also be based on the Zen 4 architecture, with PCI Express 5.0 and DDR5 support included.

The Dragon Range is the first family, and it is intended for gaming laptops. The chips will support DDR5 memory and draw over 55 watts of power.

Phoenix, the second family, is aimed at thin gaming laptops. It will be equipped with LPDDR5 memory (as seen in Steam Deck), with a 35-45 watt power consumption.

Desktop processors bаsed on the Ryzen 7000 series аre expected to аrrive by the end of 2022. AMD is expected to releаse severаl more desktop chip models in 2023, including ones with а lаrge cаche, аccording to industry insiders.

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“The psyche is deаrer to me,” Justin Lin sаid when аsked why he left Fаst аnd Furious 10 – the mаin point of the THR story.


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