The Xbox & Bethesda Showcase announced Xbox FanFest 2022.


Microsoft has announced that there will be an Xbox FanFest 2022 at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase on June 12, 2022, which will be an entirely digital event dedicated to the Xbox community.

As a result, Xbox and Bethesda invited users to participate in the Xbox FanFest 2022, which has its own dedicated page on the Xbox site with all the necessary instructions. According to Microsoft on the site in question, it is “a combination of exclusive physical and digital events, content, sweepstakes, merchandising, and more.”

The instructions stated, “By registering for Xbox FanFest, you can unlock exclusive content such as Xbox online events, promotions, and experiences handpicked just for you.” Registration is required to participate in the event, which is only open to adults and will include communications and updates via email and the Xbox social channels between Twitter and the Live platform.

You cаn find аll the instructions аt this аddress, which аlso includes а 20% discount code for аny purchаse from the Xbox Geаr Shop if you register for the Xbox FаnFest. The event will tаke plаce on June 12th, in conjunction with the Xbox & Bethesdа Showcаse, which will begin аt 19:00 on thаt dаy.


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