The World of Warcraft Classic Character Copy Service will be disabled by Blizzard on July 28.


On July 28, Blizzard announced on its blog that the character copy service would be discontinued. Classic versions of World of Warcraft and The Burning Crusade are available. It will be discounted at 66% until then.

The service allows you to create a copy of one of the characters WoW Classicsaved in the Burning Crusade Classic or WoW Classic era game world just before the release of the Burning Crusade Classic Pre-Patch on May 18, 2021.

Any locked copies of the heroes will be removed from the game worlds and will no longer be able to play after July 28.

Players’ characters will be carried over to Burning Crusade Classic if they have not decided to create copies of their characters since the last time they entered World of Warcraft Classic or Burning Crusade Classic.

Wrath of the Lich King has been added to this year’s classic World of Warcraft.


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