The video diary Deliver Us Mars describes the game’s plot and features.


Deliver Us Mars is the star of the first video diary, “Journey to the Red Planet,” in which the game’s development team explains the game’s unique setting and features.

Deliver Us Mars, which was announced with a trailer at the Future Games Show 2022, is a spiritual sequel to Deliver Us the Moon, but it takes us much further into space, all the way to the surface of Mars.

This behind-the-scenes look reveals the authors’ efforts to create a plausible and authentic experience, complete with a new movement system and puzzles to solve, among other things.

The game will put us in command of a group of astronauts on a mission to find a new home for the human race in a future where the Earth has been rocked by climate change, ten years after the events of Deliver Us the Moon.

Deliver Us Mаrs will be аvаilаble on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, аnd Xbox Series X | S, but no releаse dаte hаs been set.


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