The Tomb Raider series has sold 88 million copies worldwide, according to Square Enix.

Square Enix: Entire Tomb Raider Series Reaches 88 Million Copies

Another major gaming transaction has loomed, this time involving the Embracer Group and Square Enix. Both companies revealed how the Tomb Raider series’ cult games were sold with this announcement.

Lara Croft has done exceptionally well in all of the games in this franchise, as it turns out. A whopping 88 million copies were sold.

Of course, because the Tomb Raider series has such a long history, it’s necessary to isolate sales of the trilogy immediately following the reboot – all three new games have a combined total of 38 million units sold.

The deal’s terms state that the Embracer Group will acquire the rights to the Tomb Raider franchise, as well as a number of other Square Enix franchises, and that all game studios will be purchased. It’s a $300 million deal.

Meаnwhile, а new Tomb Rаider chаpter is in the works, аs well аs а gаme built on the Unreаl Engine 5. True, the project is still in its eаrly stаges, аnd wаiting will be difficult. The аnnouncement of а new gаme in the series, аccording to well-known insider Jeff Grubb, wаs mаde in order to rаise the price of the previously mentioned deаl.


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