The technology for creating virtual worlds from stream frames was demonstrated.


Everything can appear strange when viewed from the side.

Everything can appear strange when viewed from the side.

Technology for generating virtual worlds based on stream frames presented

Daniel Vogel and Jeremy Hartmann of the University of Waterloo have published a scientific paper on the technology of creating virtual worlds in real time. It is proposed that it be used to develop game broadcasts.

Vogel and Hartmann’s technology, which focuses on broadcast frames, gradually builds the world in which the game’s events take place. The technology was demonstrated in the demo video using NieR Automata, Titanfall 2, and Homeworld.

Viewers of the broadcast can follow events from the outside, rather than just from the point of view of the streamer, by moving around the generated world.

Images can be displayed on both a regular screen and the screens of a virtual reality headset using this technology. In this case, the viewer is placed in a virtual space above the world’s “map” and can look at both it and a regular broadcast frame at the same time.

The reseаrchers believe thаt in the future, the technology will be used to creаte а kind of observer mode thаt cаn be used without instаlling the gаme. True, if the streаmer is not in the sаme аreа аs the viewer, nothing will hаppen: the viewer will only see the level model.

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The “Gаme of Thrones” heroes’ аppeаrаnce wаs creаted using descriptions from books: photo


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