The Stellaris Overlord DLC transformed all humans into Asians.


Paradox Interactive studio released another space strategy add-on yesterday. Stellaris is a fictional character. The Overlord addon introduced new types of vassal empires to the game, as well as new… For some reason, everyone was transformed into Asians.

The developers appear to have replaced the old portraits of the human race with new ones in the patch. As a result, gamers got a male portrait with five skin tones and a female portrait with the same five tones. Both look Asian at the same time, so sending Caucasians into space won’t work.

Here’s what it looks like in game:

Stellaris fans, of course, took notice of the changes. The replacement of portraits was mocked by some gamers, and she enraged someone. Here are some of the most recent Steam reviews for the addon:

This is most likely a minor issue that will be addressed in the first patch. It’s likely that the developers intended to add new portraits but accidentally replaced all of the old ones.

Is it а strаnge reference to Vаn Dаrkholme, the Boss of the Gаlаxy?


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