The Stanley Parable is recreated in Quake by a fan.


Many people are unaware that The Stanley Parable was first released as a Half-Life 2 mod in 2011. A full-fledged game was only released in 2013 by the development team.

Enthusiast Jaycie decidedTake the original mod and make a Quake 1 demake version. The girl is considering incorporating elements from the game or the recently released Ultra Deluxe edition. The mod’s creators want to make sure that the atmosphere of the original game is preserved, as well as the retro aesthetic of Quake.

You’ll need either a modified version of the shooter for DOS or a port of Quake to the Source engine to start a future project. Jaycie wants to add some elements to the interface that are incompatible with the vanilla version of the game, which makes the scheme extremely complicated.

The mod’s release date and timing are still unknown.


Oliver Barker

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