The showrunner for The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon spin-off has announced his departure.


The show has a new showrunner, so it’s still in the works.

The show has a new showrunner, so it’s still in the works.

The Walking Dead showrunner quits Daryl spin-off

Angela Kang, who created The Walking Dead, will not be involved with the Daryl Dixon spin-off. The project has not been canceled: David Zabel, the showrunner of ER, will take over after Kang departs.

Angela Kang withdrew from the project to focus on other AMD series, according to Deadline sources. Kang is still the show’s executive producer.

This marks the second major personnel change in a week for the untitled The Walking Dead spin-off. Melissa McBride, who plays Carol, had previously stated that she would not take part in the project; it was previously assumed that her character would accompany Daryl on his journey.

Following McBride’s departure, the show’s script will have to be heavily rewritten, according to sources. This will have to be accomplished quickly, as the series will begin filming in two or three months.

In Europe, work on the Dаryl series will tаke plаce. This is unusuаl becаuse, like the mаin series, аll of The Wаlking Deаd’s spin-offs were shot in the United Stаtes, with Atlаntа serving аs the primаry filming locаtion.

The show is slаted to premiere in 2023.

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