The Russian Federation’s Ministry of Finance will not allocate 6.5 billion rubles to cinemas.


Domestic cinemas appear to be anticipating another black streak that will put an end to many of them. Large film distributors left the Russian market after the start of the “military special operation” in Ukraine, and film distribution was reduced to uninteresting domestic newcomers, old hits, and Asian countries’ repertoire. Government assistance was expected, but it will not be forthcoming.

The Russian Federation’s Ministry of Finance has refused to assist cinema networks and will not allocate 6.5 billion rubles to them. Because officials have requested additional comments “indicating the sources of the proposed solutions,” it’s possible that this decision will change.

Proposals to reduce the rate of insurance premiums deducted from employee salaries and the tax base were also rejected.

The Association of Cinema Owners reported at the end of April that 36% of cinemas across the country had already closed, with the rest awaiting closure without government assistance. Some halls are currently being saved by renting them out for illegal viewings, but this shop may close soon.


Oliver Barker

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