The release of Intel desktop graphics cards could be postponed until the end of the summer.


In the best case, sales will start after July 1.

In the best case, sales will start after July 1.

Insider: Intel desktop graphics cards may be delayed until the end of the summer

According to journalist and insider Igor Vallosek’s sources, Intel is once again delaying the launch of its desktop video cards. According to sources – some of whom are irritated by the delay, according to Vallosek – sales could begin between July 1 and August 31.

The video card drivers are thought to be the cause of the delay; the cards themselves, as well as the firmware for them, are already available. According to Igor’s sources:

Vallosek points out that Intel has been delaying the release of desktop graphics cards for nearly a year. The cards were supposed to be available for purchase at the start of the year, but the premiere was moved to the spring, and now it’s expected in early summer.

It’s expected thаt аn Intel equivаlent of the GeForce RTX 3060 will cost аt leаst $350. The compаny hаs not yet reveаled the price rаnge or the stаrting line of video cаrds.

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