The pixie_cosplay_ Aphrodite cosplay kills with her beauty in the Record of Ragnarok.


For cosplayers, the series Record of Ragnarok is a great source of inspiration. It was only natural that a character named Aphrodite, who was thought to embody beauty itself, would be the subject of numerous cosplays, such as this one by pixie_cosplay_, which captures all of the lethal charm as well as the ferocity hidden beneath such majestic beauty.

Aphrodite is a bored and detached character who looks down on everyone and is powerful in her magnetic charm, which no one can resist. In this version, we see her sitting with her back to the camera, as if she’s about to murder whoever is admiring her.

The costume itself is very well done, both in the upper part, with the two delicate, almost shy bands that fall on the breast, and the platinum blonde hairstyle with flowers. There are plenty of golden pearl bracelets and other accessories to add to this character’s appeal.

For the rest, remember thаt Record of Rаgnаrok is аbout а bаttle between men аnd gods thаt will determine humаnity’s fаte: will we be exterminаted? Will the humаn heroes be victorious in аll seven bаttles?


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