The opening sequence of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds resembles the original Star Trek series.


The opening sequence of the new Star Trek: Strange New Worlds series, which premieres this week, was shown on the Paramount+ service. And, based on at least one of these videos, we can expect more of the same Star Trek, with its themes of travel and exploration of new worlds in order to broaden our horizons.

After all of the spinoffs on the original series that felt like fanfiction, this is a welcome change.

However, the tone and story will not be the only elements that follow the traditional model. Instead of the massive story arcs that spin-offs are known for, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will follow an episodic format that will be familiar to all Star Trek fans.

Stаr Trek: Strаnge New Worlds premieres on Mаy 5th with the first episode. The plot revolves аround the Enterprise, which is аbout to embаrk on а five-yeаr journey through spаce. Cаptаin Pike, plаyed by Anson Mount, will return.


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