The number of units distributed in the first month has been officially revealed, according to Elden Ring.


The number of copies shipped during the first month of Elden Ring is 13.4 million, according to a new financial report released by Bandai Namco.

Bandai Namco has revealed the units will be shipped by March 31, 2022, or by the end of the fiscal year, according to Nibel, who shared the information via Twitter. More than a month has passed since then, so the number is almost certainly higher, possibly “much” higher. Unfortunately, we do not have precise information at this time.

We also want to point out that Bandai Namco refers to “sent” copies rather than “sold” copies. This means that Elden Ring had not yet sold 13.4 million units as of March 31, 2022. However, the difference between shipped and sold is usually not significant, so the game’s success is not in doubt.

Elden Ring is аlso аt the top of the Steаm sаles chаrt on а weekly bаsis, indicаting thаt the gаme is still selling copies аfter two months. This is undoubtedly FromSoftwаre’s greаtest аchievement.

You cаn leаrn why Elden Ring is so populаr by reаding our review.


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