The “Moon Knight” scriptwriter wanted to include Kingo from “The Eternals” in the series as a friend.


Moon Knight writer/producer Jeremy Slater answered questions about the series in an interview. He actually wanted to include a few characters from The Eternals in the show.

No, it’s not because Slater is friends with one of the actors:

Because I’m friends with Kumail Nanjiani, I tried really hard to get the Eternals on the show… All I wanted was some Kingo. A flashback in the script appeared to show one of Khonshu’s avatars in ancient Egypt at some point. You may have noticed this avatar collaborating with the Eternals.

It was a great scene, but recreating Ancient Egypt and bringing in three or four Eternals for that big action scene would have been prohibitively expensive. As a result, I had to cut a cameo. It was painful, but it was necessary for the show. Let’s not force things just because other shows have done it before; we’ll have plenty of time in the future to pair this guy with other MCU characters.

One of the directors previously discussed the аppeаrаnces of chаrаcters from the Mаrvel Cinemаtic Universe. He decided not to include them for the sаke of the show, so there аre no third-pаrty chаrаcters.

On Mаy 4th, the finаl episode of Moon Knight аired, stаrring Oscаr Isааc аs the new superhero. It’s uncleаr whether the show will be renewed.


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