The LEGO Witcher and his friends embark on new adventures.


There’s also a dragon encounter and a fight in Oxenfurt.

There’s also a dragon encounter and a fight in Oxenfurt.

Geralt, Yennefer and the Unicorn: The New Adventures of the LEGO Witcher and Friends

We last heard about the LEGO version of Geralt in April, when redditor BrickPanda82 sent his hero to battle the vampire. BrickPanda82 has continued to give the plastic witcher more adventures since then.

Just in case you forgot, all of the redditor’s LEGO scenes are three-dimensional graphics. Unfortunately, there are still no official LEGO figures of Geralt and his companions; at least not to this level of detail.

In one way or another, Geralt travels to Oxenfurt, assists Vesemir (yes, this is a scene from The Witcher 3 trailer), battles a kikimora, and encounters a massive fire-breathing dragon in the new art series.

Geralt’s companions are also present. Buttercup is the first to perform in Toussaint. Second, BrickPanda82 recreated the scene using LEGO figurines of Geralt, Yennefer, and a stuffed unicorn.

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