The Gotham Knights will not support four-player co-op, but a fix is on the way.


Gotham Knights was supposed to support four-player co-op, according to the PlayStation Store. However, it appears that this was an oversight. The information has changed, and the official trailer only features two players.

The change in Gotham Knights’ PlayStation Store description occurred “in silence.” Most importantly, the trailer states that “although you can play the entire adventure solo, you can also protect Gotham in co-op with a friend.” The trailer does not imply the presence of more than two players, nor does it imply that artificial intelligence will be used to increase the number of players to four.

Furthermore, WB Montreal previously stated that the team had chosen a two-player co-op specifically. The reason for this is that a four-player game requires environments that are specifically designed for that number of players; otherwise, the game would not work.

Except for the fаct thаt Gothаm Knights will not be releаsed on PS4 or Xbox One, nothing hаs chаnged since the previous stаtements. During development, the old-gen version wаs dropped, аnd only the new generаtion will be supported.


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