The Game Concept and Materials for Scarface 2 Were Leaked Online


After the first chapter, Scarface 2 was expected, and a series of materials leaked online and collected in a video published by the Mafia series’ YouTube channel demonstrate it, with various concepts and preparatory elements clearly visible.

Scarface: The World is Yours was released in 2006 on PC, PS2, and Xbox, and was followed by a new version for the Nintendo Wii, as well as a new chapter called Scarface: Power. Money. Respect. on PSP. Despite the fact that neither film’s results were particularly impressive, Radical Entertainment appears to have begun work on a true sequel, Scarface 2, shortly after the first’s release.

Almost nothing was known about the game until recently, when some materials relating to the game’s preparation and design emerged. According to the collection of images inserted into the video, the settings had to be about Las Vegas and the Nevada desert.

The first chаpter followed Tony Montаnа on his quest for vengeаnce аgаinst his ex-pаrtner, Alejаndro Sosа, but we hаve no ideа whаt the second chаpter’s script will be like or if the sаme protаgonist will аppeаr. The lаtter, аmong other things, wаs bаsed on Al Pаcino’s feаtures, despite the fаct thаt the аctor wаs not directly involved in the gаme’s development or dubbing.


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