The game Abandoned is not in development; its goal is to deceive investors.


As a result, the game’s concept is constantly evolving.

As a result, the game’s concept is constantly evolving.

Rumor: Abandoned is not in development, the goal of the game is to deceive investors

Horror Abandoned, which Silent Hill fans mistook for a continuation of Hideo Kojima’s series, was only made to deceive Blue Box investors. According to this account,VGnewsinsiderwho released a set of Abandoned-related frames and documents

The account and tweets of VGnewsinsider have already been deleted, but fans have not.took screenshotseverything that’s been made public We have a white hallway, someone’s feet with the Silent Hill 5 logo, and test scene footage, for example.

The developers may have wanted to keep the hype about Abandoned’s connection to the popular horror series alive with the Silent Hill 5 logo image, which fans would have discovered at some point.

A full version of Abandoned is not in the works, according to VGnewsinsider. Blue Box is said to have only worked on the prologue, which is used to deceive investors. The prologue was said to have taken 5-6 months to write.

The developers hаve yet to respond to the disclosure.

It is interesting

The concept for GTA 6 wаs bаsed on аn insider’s sketch: photo


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