The Forest’s sequel, Sons of the Forest, is now available on Steam.


The game is still scheduled to release in October.

The game is still scheduled to release in October.

Sons of the Forest, Horror Sequel to The Forest, Arrives on Steam

The survival horror Sons of the Forest, a sequel to The Forest, is set to be released by Endnight Games. The game has a Steam page: you can’t pre-order it, but you can see when it’ll be released, which is still October 2022.

Sons of the Forest’s gameplay is similar to that of the first installment. Players must extract resources, hide from cannibals, fish, and build various shelters while surviving in a forest full of strange creatures.

Sons of the Forest’s world will be dynamic, with the seasons changing as the game progresses.

While Sons of the Forest is currently only being developed for the PC, the developers have not stated whether or not the game will be released on consoles.

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