The EU has blasted the United Kingdom for threatening a trade war.


As the UK tries to deal with the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, Craig Mackinlay MP accused the EU of “not really coming up to scratch” and focusing on the wrong issues. Mr Mackinlay explained that European Commission vice-president Maros Sefcovic was “concerned” about the importation of olive oil into Northern Ireland, despite the fact that the United Kingdom produces “very little to nothing” of the product.

“Apparently [Maros] Sefocovic has been concerned about the transfer of olive oil from GB to NI,” Mr Mackinlay told GB News.

“Now, the last time I checked, the amount of olive oil produced in the United Kingdom was somewhere between very little and nothing.

“On the other hand, you’ve got the EU, which isn’t quite up to par when it comes to importing massive amounts of Russian oil.”

“So, if there’s tаlk of а trаde wаr, I don’t think the world will tаke kindly to the EU sаying, ‘Hold on guys.'” You’ve got the UK аt the forefront of аttempting to reаch аn аgreement with а Russiаn beаr, аnd now you wаnt to fight over olive oil. ‘Come on,’ I meаn.”



Oliver Barker

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