The demo of Unreal Engine 5 now includes a Batman who knows how to fight: video


The physics of tissue continues to be strange.

The physics of tissue continues to be strange.

Batman who knows how to fight was added to the demo of Unreal Engine 5: video

JSFILMZ, a YouTuber and developer, has completed the Unreal Engine 5 technology demo by adding a new playable character: Batman. It’s not just a model change: Batman has picked up new skills.

In addition to the Dark Knight model, the demo included hand-to-hand combat support. Batman and his adversaries trade blows, swinging their arms and legs, dodging attacks, and dealing damage to one another.

There is a level of stealth: Batman, for example, can approach an enemy and knock him out without being noticed. It appears that special abilities and a series of blows are also available.

The project could use some polishing: the cloth physics are unnatural, the characters’ hits can be deflected by cars, and the animations are inconsistent. However, this is an excellent example of what a single developer can accomplish with a new engine.

Unfortunately, the project’s playable build was not uploaded by the YouTuber.

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