The concept for GTA 6 was based on an insider’s sketch: photo


It turned out, I’m sure Tom, pretty good.

It turned out, I’m sure Tom, pretty good.

The concept of GTA 6 was drawn from a sketch by an insider: photo

Even before the new part of Grand Theft Auto was announced in the summer of 2021, insider Tom Henderson published a sketch of the game’s concept art: Tom saw the original image and attempted to recreate it. Now, based on the insider’s sketch,painted complete concept.

Recreated concept likedHenderson is a fictional character. It looks like it came out pretty close to the original.

Some fans believe the concept depicts the main characters from the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game. According to the insider, the game will feature multiple protagonists, at least one of whom will be female.

The full announcement of the next installment of Grand Theft Auto is expected in 2022. The game’s release is unlikely to take place before 2024.

It is interesting

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