The Cleaner, a shooter inspired by John Wick and Superhot, is set to hit theaters on May 5th.


The Cleaner, a shooter inspired by John Wick, Superhot, and Hotline Miami, has been given a release date by French indie studio Dystopia Corp. On May 5th, the game will go live on Steam.

Simultaneously, the studio released a new trailer in which the protagonist dashes through corridors and gleefully shoots enemies.


You are in command of a powerful professional “cleaner.” There are no cutscenes or plot clichés in this game; simply start it up and play. Don’t be afraid of death if you’re going to die. You can be killed by a single bullet, so use your ability to slow time to eliminate your foes.

Steam, oddly enough, displays full localization (including voice acting) in seven languages at the same time, including Russian. Simultaneously, the title evokes the feeling of a game with no dialogue at all, according to the commercials.


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