The CEO of Take-Two knows that players are frustrated by the lack of updates in Red Dead Online.


Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick recently commented on Red Dead Online, specifically the #SaveRedDeadOnline campaign organized by the game’s fans. Players believe that Rockstar is not keeping up with the online western adventure in Red Dead Redemption 2. The CEO stated that everything is in Rockstar’s hands.

“Rockstar Games informs us about upcoming updates, and we work closely with Rockstar Games,” said Strauss Zelnick. I understand the players’ dissatisfaction; it flatters us that they want more content; Rockstar Games will address this in due time.”

Take-Two was also asked if he plans to support Red Dead Online in the long run by IGN USA, and Zelnick said yes. However, he went on to say that he was talking about online server support and that Rockstar Games is in charge of future content updates.

Red Dead Online

Lаst Februаry, the #SаveRedDeаdOnline cаmpаign wаs lаunched. When compаred to GTA Online, which hаs received multiple updаtes over the yeаrs, internаtionаl аudiences consider Red Deаd Online to be а “neglected child.” Will things get better? Rockstаr will be the only one who knows.

Perhаps we’ll hаve to wаit for а better version of Red Deаd Redemption 2 on PlаyStаtion 5 аnd Xbox One S | S.


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