The Bugs Strike Back update is now available, with the final version due in 2022.


Obsidian Entertainment has released “The Bug Strike Back,” a new update for the survival game Grounded. The development team also stated that the final version of the game will be released in 2022.

A videodiary dedicated to the new update was also released:

The Bugs Strike Back is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, as well as PC. Subscribers to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass can, of course, download it.

The major new feature introduced by the maxi patch is the ability for insects to retaliate against players. The faction reaction, in which insects attack the player’s base because they are tired of intruding into their territory; the Waft Emitter, which allows you to attract specific insects by using the pieces as bait; and the MIX-R, which are machines that insects despise.

The addition of defensive structures to the base, such as pebble turrets and new booby traps, compensates for the increased aggressiveness of insects.

Grounded is а survivаl gаme in which children аre shrunk аnd must survive the dаngers of the bаckyаrd while fighting insects thаt аre now much lаrger thаn they аre.


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