The 35th Anniversary of Final Fantasy will be announced next month.


Square Enix has announced that plans to commemorate the Final Fantasy series’ 35th anniversary will be announced soon.

On December 18, 1987, the original Final Fantasy was released in Japan for the Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom). As a result, the series will mark its tenth anniversary at the end of this year.

Square Enix said in a statement that news of plans to commemorate Final Fantasy’s 35th anniversary should arrive this or next month.

First and foremost, players are anticipating Final Fantasy XVI news. Producer and head of development Naoki Yoshida previously stated that the game’s new trailer is already finished and will be released soon. Square Enix could have released it sooner, but they delayed it for a variety of reasons.

Yoshida also mentioned that the game’s development team spent a significant amount of time polishing and debugging it. Most importantly, it’s nearly finished.

The game will most likely be released in 2023, first on PS5.


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