Square Enix unveils new artwork and images of Cloud’s mother in the Final Fantasy 7 remake.


Square Enix has decided to share a series of images dedicated to Cloud’s mother in honor of Mother’s Day. It’s a collage of two images from the PlayStation versions of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Final Fantasy 7.

Claudia is Cloud’s mother’s name, but she didn’t have one in the original game. Only Square Enix internal documents referred to the character as “Claudia.” However, in the remake of Final Fantasy 7, the character was given more screen time and her name became 100% canon. We can also see its face, which was clearly just a block of polygons with no defined design in the original.

More broadly, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is concerned with expanding the original game. We’ll also have to adjust our expectations for future chapters when the plot shifts.

Meanwhile, we can keep enjoying the first remake, particularly his PC version. A 45GB 4K texture mod can be installed if you’re playing games.


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