(Spoiler – it’s not good) Insiders say


It wasn’t easy to record voiceovers at home.

It wasn’t easy to record voiceovers at home.

How is Genshin Impact doing: insiders tell (spoiler - not very good)

Genshin Impact Update 2.7 has been postponed indefinitely due to a hard lockdown in Shanghai, where the miHoYo studio’s headquarters are located. Following the postponement of the update, a number of Chinese insiders provided updates on the game’s progress.

Please be aware that some insiders’ statements are contradictory. The information they have provided thus far should be viewed with caution.

Insiders are mum on the start of update 2.8 testing (applications for participation in the test are now closed). The test’s start will most likely be tied to the release of update 2.7, which means it will be delayed as well.

Insider reports continue to ignore Update 2.9. After patch 2.8, a new location, Sumeru, is expected to be added in update 3.0.

It is interesting

Minecraft Bedrock version 1.18.31 is now available: what’s new?


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