Sony plans to sell 56% more PS5 consoles this year.


Sony claims that it will distribute 56% more PS5 units this fiscal year, despite lower-than-expected sales announced this morning.

As is well known, the semiconductor crisis is to blame for the PlayStation 5 numbers falling short of expectations, which is why we want to take cover in the coming months.

Sony’s forecast for fiscal year 2022 is 18 million units, according to Hikori Totoki, the company’s CFO. These are numbers that are well within the company’s production lines, according to conservative forecasts.

Despite this, we’re talking about a distribution forecast that won’t be enough to meet the rising demand for Sony’s next-gen platform, according to Totoki.

“We had estimated 22.6 million pieces at first, but the estimate was reduced due to component shortages.” However, we have not given up in this regard and will continue to work to improve the situation. “

The CFO went on to sаy thаt Sony hаs аll of the necessаry hаrdwаre to mаnufаcture аnd distribute the аforementioned 18 million PlаyStаtion 5s in the current fiscаl yeаr.


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