Some Xbox LIVE users are still unable to access games and apps.


THE Xbox LIVE issues have not been resolved, and some users are reporting that they are unable to access games and apps that require connection verification.

After a long period of downtime, it appeared that Xbox had resolved the issues in the last few hours, but clearly there is still something wrong, and Microsoft is working to figure out what it is.

“We understand that some users may be experiencing issues accessing streaming applications such as Netflix or Disney+, and we are working to resolve these issues,” reads the most recent post from technical support, which also invited everyone to check the status of Xbox services.

The page currently reports a single issue with apps and mobile devices, and many have speculated that the recent collapse could be due to the release of Fortnite, which is available for free on Xbox Cloud without Game Pass on iPhone and iPad.

We’ll see how the situаtion plаys out throughout the dаy, аnd whether Microsoft discloses the true cаuse of the widespreаd mаlfunctions.


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